lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

Lucía Velázquez Curriculum

Lucía Velázquez, Visual Artist, Painter, Dancer

1981: Born in Buenos Aires on 26th January.

1987: begins of work in visual arts, completion of workshops in ceramics and drawing organized by the city of San Martin.

1997: learn ceramics and pottery with professor Miriam Greppi.

1998: launches a workshop in drawing and painting with professor Veronica Kosmus
and implements a seminar in “The Artistic Vanguard of the end of the century and its influence on art today,” at the Universidad del Partido de Gral San Martin

1999: enters the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes “Prilidiano Pueyrredón”, completing her studies in 2003, with a degree as National Professor of Painting. She worked there with masters who had a profound influence on her artistic career, such as D’aniello in drawing, Waku and Ariel Mlinarzerwicz in engraving, Cristina D’artiguelongue and Guillermo Cuello, who was key to her career and whom she thanks for her radical change in pictorial production, understood as painting with the entire body.

1999: completes an engraving workshop with Professor Veronica Gonzalez

1999: completes a workshop in live models with Professor Beatriz Fernandez de Salazar

2000: completes a workshop in live models with Marcelo Martinez Cassas

2001 and 2002: attends the workshops in live models at the Asociación Estímulo de Bellas Artes, directed by Carlos Fels

2001: begins to study tango dance. Since then, she has carried out a great number of classes and seminars with the tango master of greatest renown worldwide.

2002: carries out the video art project En Vuelta jointly with the plastic artist Maria Ines Chidid. She carries out a photographic and literary project entitled El balcón de Julieta jointly with the same artist and the plastic artist Maria Eva Dolard.

2004: first trip to Europe (Italy), where she visits architectural works in the monuments and cities of Venice, Milan y Verona. She starts her studies in ballet and contemporary dance with recognized masters.

2005: second trip to Europe, three months in duration, with visits to the Picasso Museum, The Miró Museum, la Tapies Foundation, and Gaudi’s works in Barcelona, in addition to the cities of Valencia and Madrid; the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and art galleries in Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium, and in Toulouse, France.

2006: third trip to Europe, again for three months, visiting, in London, the Tate Modern Gallery, the National Gallery and the Museum of London. She also visits Paris, the Orsay Museum, the Pompidou Centre, the Museum of Modern Art, Notre Dame, the Tour Eiffel and other monuments and structures of interest in these two and other cities in England, France, Germany and Belgium.

2007: studies in contact improvisation dance with the master Gustavo Lecce, and takes some workshops and classes with Cristina Turdo, Eliana Bonard and Marisa Férnandez.

2008-present: following an invitation from master Guillermo Cuello to be part of his GC group, she is currently working as assistant to the Head of Department for Painting II of the O.T.A.V (which he directs) of the Visual Arts Department of the IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte). She also is part of an independent research and production group working in video dance with artists and dancers.

Her work focuses on artistic production combining arts of movement and visual arts, considered inseparable in light of her research and exploration in both.

Professional experience

- Currently, Assistant to the Painting II course under the direction of Department Head GUILLERMO CUELLO - IUNA
-Instructor, Painting Workshop– ¿?Pcia de Buenos Aires
-Instructor, Plastic Workshop, Construyendo Ciudadanía Project, Asociación Civil Enraisur – ¿?Pcia de Buenos Aires.
-Coordinator of the Mural Painting Workshop, Grupo Solidario group Nalá Castelli – Chaco
-Coordinator of the plastic arts workshop, Tahueln Lago Rosario project– Chubut
-Assistant, serigraphy workshop, under professor Alfredo Larrosa
-Manager of stenography– Escuela Growland – Pcia de Buenos Aires
-Plastic Arts Assistant - Escuela Growland – Pcia de Buenos Aires

As a professor and dancer of tango, she has performed on many occasions and given seminars in various milongas, cultural centers, and dance schools in different cities of the world: Buenos Aires, Paris, Toulouse, Carcassone, London, Stamford, Leeds, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven, Bielefeld, Detmold, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Milan, Venice, Verona, Riva del Garda, etc.


- Individual Painting exhibit, Centro Cultural Manuela Pedraza Bs As
- Individual Painting exhibit, Restaurant “Opera Prima” Bs As
- Individual Painting exhibit, Resto Bar “Café de la Seda”
-Group Exhibit, ceramics and pottery, “Taller Artis” Pcia of Buenos Aires
-Group Exhibit, ceramics, Municipalidad del partido de gral San Martín